Saturday, 23 March 2013

REVIEW: Clockjack Oven, Denman Street, Soho

Chicken, chicken, chicken, it’s the staple for most meals, too often than not cooked until it’s as dry as a bone. Wine, being the only way to wash it down. Clockjack Oven in Soho is hoping to change all that, it wants to bring us free range chickens, sourced from small co-operatives in Brittany. Apart from the chickens being delicious it’s mainly all down to Clockjack Ovens secret marinade recipe.

We arrived at the restaurant on a freezing cold evening, some arctic winds coming over from Russia apparently. Stepping into Clockjack with its lively atmosphere and roaring fire rotisserie oven was much welcomed. This place has an excellent atmosphere and I felt very at home, the staff only added to my comfort with their warm welcomes and attentive service. This place is definitely  for people in the know, it’s not necessarily somewhere you would stumble upon, or notice if walking past. Nestled behind the back streets off Piccadilly Circus it’s also not full of noisy tourist groups as you may be expecting. A great place for taking your friends or perhaps even a date, I’m not sure how attractive gnawing on chicken legs would look though.

The star here is of course, the chicken, and for good reasons. After a slow cooking in the fiery rotisserie oven it’s then transferred to a warm section to rest, then chopped up, ready to be served. It’s juicy, succulent, the skin is crispy and it has a lovely buttery flavour. Served alongside is a small salad coated in a light, fresh citrus dressing. We ordered four legs which is the recommend if you’re incredibly hungry, which I always am and was a steal for £8.95.

A choice of sauces are on hand to compliment. My favourite was the ranch, creamy, herby and garlicky all at the same time. The homemade BBQ was equally as good, smokey but sweet. I can't remember the last time i had sauces this good, maybe they should start bottling them to take home.

Other things we ordered were crispy chicken bites marinated in buttermilk with a light but crunchy crumb £4.95, rather average house coleslaw £2.95, and double cooked chips £2.95. Everything is very well priced, even the French house wine is a mere £3.95 a glass and delivers lots of flavour for your money, very moorish and probably worth ordering a bottle if you’re planning on hibernating here for the evening.

Overall Clockjack Oven is a much welcomed restaurant to the Soho area and good places like this are finally taking over the tourist traps, it’s all about quality ingredients, terrific atmosphere and great value. This place has it all. So don’t dismay, grab your friends, or your date and try it out for yourself. They don’t take booking so you may want to arrive early at the weekends.


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